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Every dahlia tuber for sale on our site has been grown, harvested, and divided by us personally, on our farm, the previous season.  We do not re-sell tubers from other growers or importers.  You will receive individual tubers or multis, not clumps.  

We guarantee your tuber(s) will arrive healthy, true to variety/website photo with at least one visible eye. Please open your tubers promptly upon receipt and contact us within 1 week of receiving your shipment with any questions or concerns with your tuber’s health.  A replacement of the same variety shall be sent the following spring should there be any issue with the tuber or variety.  Please understand, mistakes happen and if your tuber is not the variety ordered, then we will make it right.  However, we cannot be held liable for extreme growing conditions, pests, or neglect.

It is possible that a dahlia tuber you have ordered may not store well for us during the winter and will not meet our quality standards for shipment. If this occurs, we will attempt to contact you as soon as possible to provide you the option of a refund or a replacement for the affected tuber(s).



All Michigan state residents will be charged 6.0% sales tax. Other state tax will be charged, as applicable by current tax law.



Payment can be made through major credit card.



Your cart cannot be held while you are shopping. If an item sells out before you check out, even if it is in your cart, you will not be able to purchase the item.  



Dahlia tubers purchased from Foxtail Flower Farm will ship beginning in April, weather permitting and in the order they were received.  Shipping is for U.S. addresses only.  Sometimes it does not process Hawaii or Alaska.  Sorry, no international orders.  Once an order has been placed, items cannot be added or subtracted.  If you want any additional tubers not included in your original purchase, please place a new order.  We cannot combine orders.  All tubers will be shipped via USPS Priority Mail.  Shipping rates are:

  • 1-3 tubers = $10.50

  • 4-20 tubers = $17.50

  • 21+ tubers = $23.00


Local pickup is available the second week in April, free of charge. 




Dahlias are native to Mexico, Guatemala and other regions of Central America.  With that in mind, we like to wait for the weather to be more to their liking before planting, ie. warm and dry.  That means, don’t be in a rush to plant out your tubers in the spring!  They do not like to be wet and/or cold. Once danger of frost and heavy rains has passed in your region (look up your “last frost date” for your zip code) it is typically okay to plant. 

Dahlias thrive in full sun (6-8 hrs/day), with well-drained soil.  For the happiest plants, select a spot to plant your tubers that will provide them with these conditions.

A soil temperature of 55-60 degrees before planting, is ideal.  Dig a hole about 4” deep.  I often add a large pinch of bone meal and slow-release fertilizer, but it completely depends on your garden soil fertility.  Cover and DO NOT WATER UNTIL YOU SEE SPROUTS THROUGH THE SOIL.  Newly planted tubers are more susceptible to damp and rot so we do not water at planting time.

Sprinkle some slug and snail bait as soon as the first sprouts appear. Dahlias are a slug’s favorite snack!  Alternately, you can pick off any pests.

Nearly all the Dahlias we sell will grow into substantial plants (3’-6’+ tall) and require additional support to keep them from toppling.  There are a variety of ways to support your dahlia(s) such as staking, netting, or corralling.  The best option for you depends upon the quantity you are growing, their spacing and your conditions.  A bit of research is needed on your part to determine which option is best for you. 

For flower farm production, once the plants reach about 12” tall, I pinch out the central growing stems by several inches.  This produces more stems and flowers, from side branches, and also keeps your central stem from being as thick as a broomstick!    

When harvesting/cutting your dahlia flowers for the vase, don’t be stingy.  Cut a nice long stem down into the heart of the plant.  This encourages the plant to grow more and lower stems.  Higher cuttings make the plant more top heavy and produces weaker stems over time.

Ok, I just gave you several paragraphs of Do's/Dont's BUT growing Dahlias is a fun endeavor!  On our farm there are always issues whether with the watering system, japanese beetles, hungry baby name it!   Each year is a new challenge but its all a learning experience for next time.  Please just do your best and have fun!                                                                                                                                           xo  Abie

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